What are the things to know about Jumbo Car rental services?

Costa Rica is a hot spot in South America where many tourists and visitors come in regularly. There are many places to visit in the country and it is a beautiful city. However, in Costa Rica, you will need a trusted car rental agency where you can lease a car at good rates.

While there are many car hire services in Costa Rica, Jumbo car Costa Rica remains the reliable place to get fair deals and good car models. More on this here.

About Jumbo Car Costa Rica

Car rental has become very important for anyone visiting Costa Rica, that’s why there are many car hire services in the city. With the need to provide tourists and other international customers with good services, the Jumbo Car Costa Rica rental agency was created.

It aims to offer easy car leases for people in the cities, neighborhoods and at the airport. If you need a quick car pickup location in the country, contact them. You can use their website to easily search for a particular car type, price and top deals.

Cars for hire at Jumbo Car Costa Rica

Jumbo car rentals offers its customers small and medium-size vehicles ranging from the sedan, Mazda, Toyota Avensis and Yaris and Honda. These cars can help you move easily around the city. Solo tourists will enjoy these car models as they are compact and don’t consume much gas.

Moreover, also available are minivans you can use, which are great for tourists in groups. You can get 4 to 7-seater minivans which can move around many cities in Costa Rica.

Also, for people plying rugged and unpaved roads in San Jose and Monteverde, their iconic 4×4 car is readily available. They have land cruisers, Murano, Toyota Rav 4 and Lexus Jeeps.

Why renting a 4X4 from Jumbo car is your best choice

While Jumbo car offers various vehicle models to its customers, the 4WD car remains the best choice for everyone who wants comfort and safety. These 4×4 brands are some of the most accessible in the city.

The 4×4 isn’t just a luxury car but a durable and cheaper option for people staying in Alajuela, San Jose and surroundings. These are terrains in the city which need a strong car like land rovers and road cruises.

During the rainy season or snow periods, the road will be slippery, but a 4×4 can withstand all rigors and give you that extra traction. At Jumbo car Costa Rica, you can get 4WD like Volvo xc90, Nissan Pathfinder, Hyundai Santa Fe and Toyota R4.

How to get a 4X4 car at Jumbo car?

Tourists going camping, on safari or an adventure need a good car with cruise control and reliable traction. There are many 4X4 cars which you can choose from on the Jumbo car Costa Rica website.

Moreover, you will have to be above 20 to hire a 4WD or any other car at this car agency in Costa Rica. All you need to do is to provide a passport, driving license, and your order will be processed.

Choosing the Jumbo car rental services is your ideal option when it comes to leasing a car in Costa Rica. They provide many car models, however, their 4×4 car remains the most popular choice, particularly in the harsh weather seasons.